Thursday, July 26, 2012

STEAL! - Dolce Vita Suede Booties

Ever since I spotted these booties in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog I have been drooling over them. I know they aren't everybody's style but they sure are fabulous! So if you wouldn't wear them you can at least appreciate them because they are definitely pieces of art for your feet. These fun Dolce Vita "Folly" Booties are a part of Nordstrom's huge sale that is going on right now & they are only $66.90 (unfortunately the price will go up as soon as the sale is over). These babies are nice! They are made of suede & they are so comfortable (yes, I tried them on in store). I may just have to snag me a pair...


  1. Oh I love the print! And also the fact that they look comfortable. I'm trying to implement more practical footwear into the closet (lately, failing)...

  2. I saw them too and thought they were adorable. The price is irresistible too!