Thursday, July 19, 2012

If I Could Have A 6 Year Olds Wardrobe

This brown slip is hands down one of my new favorite pieces!
This reason being because I feel like I am wearing a tutu & I love that.
If I could have the wardrobe of the average 6 year old girl I would be in heaven.
Poofy dresses, sequins, tutus that twirl. When I was little my parents were absolutely 
amazing & let me run wild with my wardrobe imagination. I would come out wearing the 
craziest get-ups. But lets be real here, when your 6 the only things that matter
are how big it twirls & how sparkly it looks. That is really all that matters to me 
as well but since I am a grown adult I have to try to be the adult version of poofy, 
sparkly & twirly. So this slip from FP accomplishes the goal of "Adult Twirly" for me.
It makes me heart happy :)
*New Hair Color*
*Shot Of The Whole Slip*

Chambray Shirt (previous post here about why you need to buy one of these,
a new wardrobe staple) - Forever 21 
Tutu Slip - Free People
Orange Body Con - Free People
Shoes - Target
Watch (gift) - Michael Kors

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. Whenever I have a skirt that flares out like that I feel like I have to continually spin around!!