Monday, July 23, 2012

Date Night Part #2

A few days ago my husband & I went on a date night out. First stop... Do Restaurant! (It is pronounced dough). It is a great little restaurant located on the westside in this unassuming little warehouse-esque building  I wanted to take Barn there because it is the first restaurant in Atlanta where you use the ipad at your table to do everything. You place your complete order via ipad as well as signal for your waitress. That isn't the only fancy schmancy use of technology in the place. If you download a free app called "remote" & connect to Do's free wifi, you can control the restaurants music via the app. You can request any song to be played as well as see the current music line-up and vote for which songs you want to
hear. Every song has a corresponding music video that is shown on the walls. The atmosphere in the place is always changing. The lights change colors every few minutes & the photos on the wall transition to all different things. 

Am I missing something? Oh ya, the food! The menu isn't extensive but it is excellent. It is pretty simple & straight forward & I appreciate that. They are a pizza restaurant, they know their restaurant calling & they stick to it. Let me tell you, the pizza was yummy! My husband is the biggest pizza snob & he give it 2 thumbs up. Their garlic knots (pictured above) above were incredible!

955 W. Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30318 | (404) 541-9060

Next Stop, Cacao!
 I know, I know, I have featured Cacao before but I just can't help it! If you want chocolate, macaroons, the best mocha of your life, gelato or just the feeling that your in Europe.... Cacao is your one stop shot! I walk in there & it is like dying & going to heaven. This trip I had a cold hot-chocolate (yep. you read that right!) & a lemon macaroon & they were both absolutely divine. Cacao always has the most interesting treats to, for example, chocolate salami (pictured above). What is that? Great question & unfortunately I didn't ask. Maybe one day I will find out, but whatever it was it looked delicious! Cacao always has the best employees too. When I visit not only do I get the best treats around but I also get the most entertaining & enjoyable service. Cacao is a must! If you are in Atlanta, go! Trust me.

Cacao has a few shops, check out their site here for locations

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  1. Oh my gosh this sounds like such a great date!!

  2. Excellent post.Now many restaurant use ipad as a menu card. it a very nice idea.