Monday, June 4, 2012

Yes I Know, I Need a Tan

 Sunnies - DKNY
Gingham Buttondown - Free People
Floral Denim Cutoffs - Free People
Sandals - Cotton On (2 years old)
Don't laugh at my white legs! I haven't been out in the sun much yet this summer. 
That is changing soon though, heading to the beach this Thursday! 

So these shorts are my new favorites. I have never been much of a shorts person, I usually
 just wear heaps of dresses & skirts during the summer because to me they are always the
 the more cool & comfortable option, but this year I am trying to branch out & try something new. 
 So I declare this the summer of shorts!!   
(I guess this means I should go buy some more shorts otherwise I am just going to be
 wearing these every day!)

So what about you? Are you a shorts person or would you rather wear skirts/dresses 
any day?

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  1. Cute shorts!
    I hear ya on needing a tan! lol

    xo Jennifer

  2. I'm a shorts person because I never know how to wear skirts! I can never figure out what goes with what or anything!

  3. Love those shorts! I really want a good pair of printed shorts for the summer:)