Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!

Miami Here I Come!

In a few days I will be one of those people lay there in the sun next to that beautiful blue water!
 I keep singing Will Smith's "Welcome To Miami" song & Barn thinks I am crazy because he has 
never heard it before so he thought I just made it up on the spot. I wish I wrote that, we would be
 rolling in the dough right now if that was so. 

 On Thursday my husband & I (Barn) head out to the beach for a few days of just us. I am so
 excited I can barely stand it! I have traveled quite a bit but I have never been to Miami, so I need 
some suggestions. Things to do, places to shop & of course tasty restaurants. 
Share with me your recommendations!
p.s. - I created a new Scuttle Facebook page (I am now a Place in the eyes of FB)
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  1. Peeeeeeeeep!!!!

  2. so jealous - this looks dreamy! have so much fun on your relaxing trip! (just wear sunscreen - i didn't on ours and i am still suffering :)

    excited to be your newest follower!