Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yes, I am Southern

A few weekends ago my husband & I went up to Asheville
for a quick trip. Here are a few photos from our journey back.

On the way back we were starving! We stopped by this little restaurant that
was literally in the middle of no where. There was probably nothing
in a 20 mile radius of it. It was smack dab on the side of the mountain.
But let me tell you, I had the best bbq & french fries there!

Along the way we stopped at Tullulah Gorge (picture #3).
I am very glad that I am not scared of heights otherwise that 
would have been an absolutely terrifying experience!
We visited this little gift store there & grabbed us some snacks.
After a very southern morning (started off with breakfast at Tupelo Honey - 
read more about that here) & a lunch of full-on southern bbq I
figured I would finish it off strong with a Nehi Peach Soda (glass bottle
of course!) & a moon pie. How much more southern can I get?

Some days you just need to embrace your roots? Right, Y'all :)

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