Friday, June 15, 2012

Riddle Me This Wrap-Up

Sorry for the delay! I know I said I would announce the outcome
of the riddle yesterday but Blogger was down all day. They were updating
or fixing something & I couldn't do anything :(
Oh well, better late than never!  

Unfortunately this week there was not a winner for the challenge. 
I stumped you all on this one. Last weeks was to easy, so I
tried to up my game a bit. There were so many great
guesses so thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Riddle Me This! 

Here is this weeks riddle:
I was one the firsts to come around in the mid 1800's. - Came out in 1867
I am part of a very successful & well-known family. - Part of the Hearst Family
I am all about elegance & sophistication. - How they describe themselves on their site
I currently have a thing for Kate Moss - She graced the June cover
I am not a person - I'm a Magazine
What am I?

I am Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Thanks for playing!

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