Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hong Kong On My Feet

These are my favorite shoes!
I got them last minute in Hong Kong last year & I am in love with them.
They aren't an every day wear, so when I do wear them it is always a special
day for me. Every time I look at my feet I smile.
They are quirky & over the top... I love them!
Shirt - Nordstrom
Jumper - Free People
Bracelets - Urban Outfitters
Purse - Target


  1. Those are super fun! I don't know that I could ever make them happen, but I dig it. (:

  2. Oh yes they are so fun!! I know what you mean about special items from abroad. I have this cute top from Paris that can only be worn on special occasions or when my abs are more defined lol!

    Cathy Trails

  3. Those shoes are amazing!!!
    You look great :)
    Amy xo