Friday, June 1, 2012

Anthropologie Sale!

When you say the words Anthropologie + Sale in the same sentence I am in heaven.
 I (probably like many of you) am in love with anthropologie, especially their home goods, but it is usually just to expensive for me. So when that glorious time of year comes around when they are having a sale I get beyond excited... more like giddy. So the past few weeks I have been saving up my pennies to hit up the anthro on the westside of Atlanta. Let me share with you some of my finds:

If happiness came in a bag, it would probably be this one!
 Some of my Sale trinkets!
 I have desperately wanted these measuring bowls for months
so when I saw them in the sale section I did let out a wee scream.
Originally $32.00, sale price was $19.95!
 Traveling perfume! These are the best, they fit anywhere &
they wont get confiscated in the airport.
The roller ball apothocarie perfume was only $7.95
& the fragrance stick was only $5.95!
Now, this was not on sale but I saw this brilliant idea
on The Lifestyle Guide blog to use this as a jewelry holder 
& I just couldn't pass up getting one! Check out what she
did here

Sales, Sales, Sales how I love thee!! Make sure you take
a trip to your local Anthro before it is to late so you can enjoy the sale too.

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Thank you! Love you all


  1. Holy cow, those are some awesome sales. I need some of that travel perfume, like, right now. Anyway, I just found your blog, and it is adorable. I'm your newest follower (and fan). I'd love to see you around at my blog!


    1. Gorgeous blog Brooke! Thanks for visitng & sharing.
      The sale is still going on, you should go grab you some. They had numerous smells & you can't beat $7.95.


  2. As soon as I saw the words "Anthropologie & Sale" I was excited so I totally know what you mean. They are a little pricey for me but I love their clothes and home stuff. Those measuring bowls are TOO cute. I see why you let out a scream. Did you push anyone out of the way to get to them? j/k ha ha. I get so excited shopping sometimes that I have to remind myself that it isn't a sport and I shouldn't race around and nudge people out of my way...


    1. Fortunately I didn't push anyone over this time, haha. I know exactly what you mean about it becoming quite competitive. I do have to admit that there have been a few times when I was shopping & had to leave to meet someone or go to dinner, so I hid my items praying that no one would steal them before I could get back later that night. Am I the only one who has done that?

      Thank you so much for sharing & following!


  3. Thanks for mentioning me, darling!! Love all your fun buys! You'll adore your egg crate!