Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tupelo Honey Cafe + My Fall

 Last weekend my husband & I took a quick trip to Asheville & while I was there I made sure that I made it a point to stop by Tupelo Honey Cafe! This is an award winning restaurant in downtown Asheville that has the BEST pimento & cheese sandwich you will ever eat. 
While we were in Asheville Barn had to be somewhere in the morning so I took myself on a date to Tupelo Honey.

 I started with this tastiness. Now let me tell you I am a bit of a hot chocolate snob & this one ranks in the top 5 on my list. It is called "Jen's Homemade Hot Chocolate" so make sure you order a cup!
Every person gets a big, fat homemade biscuit & homemade jam as a free starter.
The biscuit practically melts in your mouth. Maybe the best things in life are Free!
*I was technically working so can this breakfast with myself be a tax write-off?  :) *
 This is what I ordered, the sweet potato pancake. I asked what there staple breakfast option was & this is what I was pointed to. Let me tell you, it taste like fall in your mouth. The pancake & hot chocolate go perfect together.
 Yep... that's it! And that is only one pancake. I could only eat about 1/2 of it.
 Hungry yet?
 I arrived 10 minutes before it opened & this line was already formed (you don't ever see that at IHOP!), a line is always a good sign. I promise, the wait was definitely worth it!

So if you are going to Asheville soon make sure you make a stop here
But don't tell them that I sent you! Why?? Wouldn't I want credit? Well lets just
say I have a reputation there that I am not necessarily proud of...

The Fall...
After breakfast that day I was getting up to leave & I failed to realize that my foot had fallen asleep. So I get up & I fall flat on my face, take the chair down with me, my ipad slides across the restaurant & the worst part was I was by myself!!! No one was there to help & take the attention off of me. Oh it gets better - what made it even worse was that when I tried to get up to leave I couldn't because I couldn't stand because my foot was still asleep. So there I laid smack dab in the middle of the restaurant unable to move. The manager had to help me up & stand with me while I awkwardly shook my foot like crazy so that it would wake-up for what seemed like HOURS! 

Probably the most embarrassing moment in my life!
So please don't say I sent you because they'll remember me as the crazy lady 
who collapsed in the middle of the restaurant & laid there all by herself.
NOT My Proudest Moment.

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  1. I love Asheville! I'm in Johnson city, about an hour north and its a great weekend getaway! I hope next time you'll try "Salsa's" and "French Broad Cafe" those are my favorites.