Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting Back

This time a year ago I was running my first marathon (my only marathon actually). 
My parents & I were crazy enough to think that training for 18 weeks then flying out to Cincinnati to run 26.2 miles was a great idea. The day of the marathon I ran through every emotion possible, from excitement & joy to fear, pain & full on terror. It was such an experience & was one of the best growing moments of my life.

To make a long story short, the marathon was one of the hardest mental challenges of my life & I walked away feeling pretty defeated. I look back at it know nervous to do another one BUT full of drive to do another one because I know I have already done it. If I can do it once, I can do it again & I can do it better.The thing that the marathon taught me was that I can truly do anything I put my effort into. It may have not been the best race of my life but it was my race & I did it despite any doubts. 
After the marathon I slacked off considerably on my running, it was a combination of the squelching Georgia heat & just crazy life shifts. I love running though, being outside by myself & challenging myself, I love that... I need that. I am a competitive person & I find that running is great for me because it is an individual sport & the competition is against yourself, not someone else. I love that!~ It makes me push & drive harder & go farther. I have missed it, I haven't ran in I don't know how long, but today that is all changing.
Today I am slipping on my gear & hitting the pavement. I am re-gaining my running self! I my not go far or hard but at least I am going. I am starting back & I am by no means committing to a crazy training schedule for a huge race looming in the future, but I am committing to start. Who knows where this will lead, maybe to some more 10k's or half-marathons. Who knows... I may choose to conquer my fear & take on the beast again. We will see, we will see.

*yes, that is a wrist strap of pepper spray - thanks dad for the gift :)*

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  1. Go you!!! At least you are getting your butt out there!! Gotta start again somewhere :)