Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiration + 5 Not To Miss

There are so many amazing blogs out there but here are 5 blog posts not to miss!
1 - Gettin' Skinny - Coco+Kelley
2 - Ideal Bookshelf - Camille Styles
3 - Butter Me Up - Design Love Fest
5 - Bicycle Attire - Life's A Journal


  1. Ah! Loving these inspiring photos! Especially the peplum white top and flirty skirt!! too cute... thanks for mentioning my last weeks Becoming A Better You post ;)

  2. That anchor shirt with those shorts and those bracelets...OH MY.

  3. Ps. I saw that my blog was listed on your daily reads. Wow. That seriously made me happy, I am always happy to see people like my blog. I am grateful for that always. So, thanks!