Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brilliant Notepads & A Sale!

You may not know this about me, but I love office supplies! Notebooks, post-its, 
planners, sharpies... I collect them all. I am always on the hunt for the best planner/to-do-list and 
let me tell you, I finally found it! I am happy to share with you the Daily Page Notepad (photos #1 & #2) created by Dani from Life's A Journal . It is the best because it has on one page your to do list, 
cleaning list, grocery list, events for the day, exercise plans, meal plans & even a checklist for your 
water & vitamin intake. It truly has room for every aspect of my life on it! I am in love :)

 For all of my fellow bloggers out there Dani has taken it to the next level & has created a notepad
 just for us! It is fabulous because it gives you a central location to schedule out blog posts for every 
week & make notes on topic ideas or events to cover while also tracking your progress.
This is Brilliant! And we are all in luck because these blogger notepads (photos #3 & #4) just went 
on sale! You can visit Dani's blog (Life's A Journal) to learn more or you can just hop straight over 
to her store & buy you one! My friend Brittany over at Swell Studios bought her one yesterday after 
she saw mine because she thought it was so brilliant! (she is a design genius so that is quite a compliment). So go check these notepads out, I promise you will thank me for this.

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