Friday, May 18, 2012

Babs - Good People & Great Food!

Looking for a great place for breakfast or brunch? 
Well let me introduce you to Babs

Babs is this ecelectic little breakfast spot that my husband & I found one morning as
we were desperately searching for a tasty breakfast but weren't up for an hour wait.
We were looking to Yelp to solve our hunger problems and stumbled upon this little
 diamond in the rough. It has all of the things you want in a great restaurant.
Personal Flair + Excellent Food + Entertaining Staff  = Restaurant Heaven

This is what I orderd, the breakfast risotto. I have never had anything like it before
The risotto was so soft & almost creamy, absolutely delicious!
 Welcome to Babs!
 Fun, eclectic mix-match of decor in every little nook & cranny.
 This was my favorite part, the snow globe wall. There are snow globes
from all over the world here that friends of the owner & guests of the 
restaurant bring in from their travels. There are many interesting & often funny
stories behind many of them, so don't hesitate to ask your waiter for some
back stories!
 Like I said earlier, they definitely have an entertaining staff.
This was our server Randy & he was absolutely hilarious.
If you are looking for a good time full of laughs, this is your man!
His food recommendations are excellent & spot on too.
Humor, personality & great taste... what more can you ask for!

This weekend if you are looking for a great new breakfast place to try, 
give Babs a go. Check out there set menu here & they always 
have excellent specials as well. 

AND if you still need more incentive, here is a coupon!

814 Juniper St NE # 3  
Atlanta, GA 30308

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