Friday, April 20, 2012

Date Night Atlanta, How I Love You!

My husband is absolutely amazing! I am in awe of all he does & his big heart. Recently he got a new job & I just wanted to take some time to celebrate his hard work & just honor him for all he does. So what better to do than whip up a little date night surprise. So I contacted the best people around to help with this, Date Night Atlanta! If you don't know who they are, I recommend you change that because this company is a life saver. They help you put together any kind of date you could ever imagine & make sure it is the best night you could imagine.
I contacted Date Night Atlanta and within a few hours they were already back to me with options, which I love! They cater to your specific likes & nothing is out of reach. I was given the options of a few different boutique hotels, dinner plans, breakfast plans, in room massages, tickets to events, wine & cheese baskets and so much more. It was so much fun getting to pick & then not having to worry at all while my husbands dream night was being created.

I ended up going with the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta. I had never heard of it before & was a tiny bit nervous with my choice because it is part hotel, part condos, so I wasn't sure of the quality I was getting into. Let me tell you... I was floored! The hotel is chic & modern, nothing overly flashy but absolutely elegant. The service was excellent & the ambiance was so welcoming & chill. The best part, of course, was the room! It was so spacious. It had a full kitchen, full living room, small dinning & desk area, big bedroom with floor to ceiling windows & a bathroom stocked with whatever your heart desired. I was in love!

1 - The entry sign. 
2 - The twelve hotel in all of its glory!
3 - Living room area
4 - View from the balcony with my hubby peering over
5 - Lobby/Bar area
6 - The comfiest King size bed ever!
7 - The tastiest assortment of treats I could have ever imagined
8 - Me organizing the treats and taking stock :)
9 - The best find of all... Chocolate!!

Date Night Atlanta made this one of the best nights we have ever had! My hubby was surprised & I wasn't stressed because they handled it all, it was a dream! If you live in the Atlanta area you should definitely check out Date Night Atlanta & look into all of the great date night options that they have available. The sky is the limit with them! And if you book a hotel night with them, make sure you get the food basket... it is so worth it, trust me :)

I hope you all have a great Friday! Go have a fabulous date night with the one you love tonight!

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  1. this looks amazing! i wish we had date night boulder :) ps you have email, love