Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Favorites & 5 Blogs

5 Favorites
The things that make me happy...

 1. Crisp, Never Opened Magazines!
2. Bright Red Lips! I am a huge fan of rocking 
a red lip, it just makes your feel sassy! This is my favorite color,
 3. Secret Weapon - BB Cream! If you haven't heard about it yet, 
you will. It is equal parts tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, mattifier & anti-ager. It is
the best all-in-one. This is what I wear probably 5 days a week so that I don't have 
to put foundation on my face every day.
4. New Colored Skinnies! These are comfy turquoise ones from FP.
I have been searching for this specific color & I jumped for joy when I finally found it.
5. My Fierce Guard Dog! My chihuahua terrier mix 
named Ducky. So cute & fluffy.

5 Favorite Blog Posts
You don't want to miss these blog posts! Full of great fashion, ideas & inspiration
1. How to Wear a Dip Hem - Life's A Journal
2. Beautifully Organized Lists - La Dolce Vita
3. In My Purse - Nicolette Mason
5. 1 Trend 3 Ways: Brights - Could I Have That

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