Monday, March 26, 2012

New Glasses

I have been having killer headaches lately, so I figured it was my sign to head to the good old optometrist (a.k.a. - the neighborhood eye doc!) Look at the goodies I came out with:

Prescription glasses & sunnys!
DKNY Sunglasses! I can't rock big frames in my normal 
glasses because my face is too small. BUT when Ifound out I 
could do big frames in sunnys, I took full advantage of that!

Yep, thats right... Tiffany's! I was torn between two pairs of glasses
for atleast 30 minutes but as soon as they told me they were Tiffany's &
I would get a blue case, I was sold!

My ostrich neck pose is not doing the glasses much justice. 
Sorry Tiffany's!

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