Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Break.

My Scuttle will be taking a break for awhile as I work on my new venture, Tiny Fancies!
A children's clothing line & blog. I am unfortunately not super woman & can't do it all (do it all well atleast). So unless we suddenly get more hours in the day *fingers crossed*, My Scuttle is going to be put on pause while my time is being devoted to getting Tiny Fancies up & running.

Thank you so much for being such a great follower & sharing this venture with me!

Monday, December 7, 2015

You Are Enough!

Hat (on sale) // Lip (color - diva)

If I got a dollar for every time I've had someone tell me "Hats just don't look good on me", I could buy myself a new pair of shoes (not Louboutins or anything, but still a pair of shoes). A good majority of the population thinks that hats just don't look good on them & it is simply NOT true. When I get told that, I will follow-up their statement by asking the question, "Well have you ever tried one on?" No is often the answer I get.

Most people are hesitant to go the hat route because its not the early-mid 1900's anymore, when hats were an everyday accessory. Today they are an add-on piece, so when you take a chance with one it really tends to stand out. The heart of the matter is that ANYONE can wear a hat, but alot of people just don't want to stand out. Whether people realize it or not, that is often why they don't think hats look good on them. Hats are a bold accessory that draw attention to the face & people can weary to draw attention to themselves because they think that they aren't cool enough, fashionable enough, pretty enough, ______ enough *you fill in the blank* to wear one but its just not true! Yes, not every hat looks good on every head, so you need try some on BUT you will find on that fits just right & makes you look gorgeous!

So if you fall in the group of the above described people, go out & try you on some hats! You can do it! You are PRETTY ENOUGH, FASHIONABLE ENOUGH, COOL ENOUGH, you are ENOUGH to wear one & draw a bit of attention to your face. Embrace it, your beautiful!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Style Me: A One Piece Wonder

Romper - Chelsea28 (sold out - Similar & I LOVE this one),  
Necklace - Kate SpadeBoots - Audrey Brooke, Ring - Kendra Scott,  
Lips - Mac (diva), Watch - Kate Spade

These days I am really on the hunt for ease & practicality all the while not losing my style in regards to fashion. My schedule is loaded down & having the time to play around in my closet as I get dressed just isn't a luxury I have anymore (oh the kid free days!). So having some easy, thoughtless outfits that are still fashion forward are a must for everyone's wardrobe (especially if you are a mom with infants or an entrepreneur, or both!). A romper is a wonderful option to have for many reasons...
  1. Its everything in one outfit! You only to need to worry about having one single thing clean & ready to go
  2. It requires zero thought.
  3. Can transition into all seasons. It can go from bare skin in summer all the way to multiple layers in the winter with tights, tall boots & a leather jacket.
  4. A great piece to pack, especially if you only have a carry-on or have limited space.

Here are some of my favorite rompers ranging from the $20s-$80s depending on your budget:

So are you going to give a romper a try? Did I convince you yet? I hope so, you'll thank me!

For more fall fashion ideas fall my "Fall" board in Pinterest were I collect all of my fall inspiration.

p.s. - I love this necklace! It has an A on one side (for my daughter) & on the flip-side it says "one in a million". I cherish this piece so much! Such a great gift idea.

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Gift Guide For The Girls

$50 or under

Today is one of my FAVORITE shopping days of the year. I love sitting down at my computer & starting the treasure hunt that is Cyber Monday. Black Friday is fun because you get to go out & kick off Christmas with all the other shoppers with peppermint mochas in hand & Nsync Christmas music blaring in every store. BUT Cyber Monday is when it gets real. You get to sit down at your computer, focus & make a game plan. You can price match, compare & contrast items from different sites & have the presents sent direct to the recipient for you! Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days of the year :)

Above are some of my favorite finds for this season! They are all under $50 and THEN they will be on additional sale today for Cyber Monday. Here they are:

Here are my favorite stores & the sales they are offering today!
Ann Taylor - 50% Off Everything
Anthropologie - 25% off + Free Shipping
Asos - 30% Off Everything
Boden - 30% + Free Shipping
GAP - 40% Off Everything
H&M - 20% over $25, 30% over $50 and 40% off of sale items + Free Shipping
Origins - 25% Off Everything + Free Shipping
Judith Bright - 20% Off Everything (Code: WHITEMONDAY)
Kate Spade - 30% Off Everything
Minor History - 25% Off Everything (Code:Historians)
Mintwood Home - 20% off + Free Shipping (Code: CM20)
Mr. Kate - Up to 70% Off
Mod Cloth - 25% Off Everything
Nike - 25% Off Clearance
Sole Society - 30% Off Everything
Target - 15% Off Every Order
Urban Outfitters - $15 off of $75 or $50 off of $150

Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Back In Black // Motorcycle Vest

I'm back in black! After a few months of needed time to adjust to wife-mom-entrepreneur life I am back & ready to roll. Plus I am back into normal clothes again (I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about that!). So lets dive right into fall fashion shall we?

This fall has taken a bit to get going with its 78 degree November days, but its finally here! It may not be full-on sweater weather yet but its time to pull out the boots & start layering. Today I am sharing with you my new layering piece that you are bound to see multiple times this fall, my vegan leather motorcycle vest. It is super comfy, adds warmth & brings an edge of tough flare to any outfit. I got this one at TJ Maxx for a great deal (Oh TJ Maxx how I love you!) and I found some others online at amazing prices as well for you to see...

I paired my vest with a simple tank, my go-to black booties & some distressed denim. These jeans are from Rag & Bone & I wore them in a few previous posts (here, here, here) but I have never really talked in depth about them. I like these shredded skinny jeans because the distressing to me is tasteful & not to over done. These jeans do fit a bit different on me though in that the crotch hangs low even though I don't think its suppose to. Either my hips sit low for the jeans or they are a tight on the thighs & I can't pull them all the way up. Not really sure which but I still adore these jeans regardless.

This is the first time I am wearing a motorcycle vest & I am digging it. I think I want to try it with an above-the-knee casual dress next. Any recommendations on what you pair a motorcycle vest with?

Jeans - Rag & Bone
Vest - ABS (similar option)
Booties - Steve Madden 
Lips - MAC (diva)